The controversial topic of arranged marriages

View Full Essay Words: This subject interests me from both a moral and a legal standpoint. The topic has gained national as well as global attention. The debate is especially heated in the United States where the matter is being decided on a state by state basis.

The controversial topic of arranged marriages

Advantages of Love Marriage: Love is the base for any marriage. In love marriages, there will be no question on whether love happens or not.

The controversial topic of arranged marriages

In Love marriages, couple knew each other very well and most probably they already understood each other fully. Planned love lives results in happy families. Generally, equality prevails in love marriages.

Disadvantages of Love Marriage: Love marriages are still socially unacceptable in some parts of India. Youngsters may confuse attraction with love.

Love is not the only thing we need in life. One should also check the reality like the family background, economical conditions, the environment they grew up in etc. Will E-commerce dominate physical stores? Advantages of Arranged Marriage: So, there is a high probability that one will get into a relationship with a similar kind of family as theirs.

Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage: Which is Better?

Parents or well-wishers think about the future and economical conditions. Couple most likely think about both of their families. So, they will learn to adjust, which is a very good quality for any relationship.

The controversial topic of arranged marriages

Robert Epstein, love in arranged marriages tends to fade away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage: Love may or may not blossom between the couple. Couple do not know each other well, if they spend less time together before marriage. If they have many differences to an extent that they cannot live together, marriage will break. In the name of arranged marriages, forced marraiges are still prevalent in many parts of India.

How common is arranged marriage in Nigeria?

Too much submissiveness to elders may restrict couple from divorcing, even if they do not have love in between them anymore. People who go for arranged marriage may not be that comfortable to discuss everything in detail before marraige. This may cause problems after marriage. Though divorce rate is less in arranged marriages compared to love marriages, it cannot be said that they are happily married.

Life partner must be selected according to their own will and not by force. These days, in Indian arranged marraiges too people are taking time to learn about each other before marriage, which is a sign of evolving society.

What is your opinion on this topic? Express your thoughts in the comment section below. This article is written by Sujatha Darse. Copyright Group Discussion Ideas.Jan 10,  · In China, arranged marriages (baoban hunyin, 包办婚姻) - sometimes called blind marriages (manghun, 盲婚) - were the norm before the midth century.

A marriage was a negotiation and decision between parents and other older members of two . Arranged Marriages essaysMany people believe that arranged marriages offer protection and security to women. They say there is a great amount of pressure for women to love their spouse.

Forced Marriages Essay Forced marriage is defined as a marital union where at least one of the intended spouses refuses to participate but is intimidated into marrying. The issue drew the attention of women’s advocates, law enforcement, and policymakers internationally when Britain attempted to . The act of marriage is a rather controversial topic. More traditional cultures view marriage as an absolute obligation. Boys and girls are groomed for the eventual time in . Research within librarian-selected research topics on Marriage from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

However, women have been known to stay in abusive relationships for the sake of family pride and respect in soci. Arranged marriages: the issues that arise from arranged marriages Arranged marriages.

It has been a controversial topic throughout time but many are not aware of the issues that can arise from them, but also the advantages that arranged marriages can bring.

Arranged marriages may lead to a longer lasting relationship than non-arranged marriages, because the success of the marriage is stronger with a support system, since the parents, community, religion, and cultural background are involved in making and sustaining the marriage bond.

Are arranged marriages better than marrying for love? |

Research within librarian-selected research topics on Marriage from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more. The girl should be READY not THINK she is ready. So many love relationship fall out.

I have seen arranged marriages last way longer but there are cons in this as well!!!! The new way of arranged marriages is different than what North Americans think.

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