My experiences in middle school

The school reached its full enrollment of close to students during the school year and graduated its first class of seniors in June, School Mission Statement Columbia Secondary is a selective, public, college preparatory school with a focus on science, math, and engineering. Its program of study provides a challenging academic experience that prepares its students for selective colleges; for careers in science, math, and engineering; and for a life of civic engagement and ethical responsibility.

My experiences in middle school

Because of the uniqueness of early adolescents and their variety of interests and experiences, special attention is given to computers, speech and drama, physical education, art, applied technology, vocal music, band, and other related areas. New Help for Students Eaton Rapids Middle School will be starting a new process to help identify students early on that may need our help to be successful in their future schooling.

My experiences in middle school

Research shows that students flagged in these areas are at an increased risk of not only struggling in school but not graduating. We want to do our best to help all of our students be successful; this is something we feel will help us do that.

How can you help? Attendance Help make sure students are at school on a daily basis, encourage students to be to class on time. Behavior Remind students of our GROWL and how following those ideas will help them avoid in-school and out-of-school suspensions.

Mission Statement & Points of Pride

Course Performance Make academics a top priority, stress with students to ask teachers for help, keep open lines of communication about academic performance. With our help, your support, and student buy-in we feel strongly that this process will help our students move forward as we strive to provide all students with the best education possible.

Trip pictures Welcome Letter from Mrs. Hello, my name is Mrs. Terri Lake and I am very excited to be the principal here at the Middle School. My husband Dan and I live in Charlotte.

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We have two grown boys and two wonderful grandchildren. When I am not at school I enjoy time at home, and on vacation, with my family.

During the summer I spend time in my flower gardens while during the school year I play my clarinet in the Charlotte Community Band.

I have a passion and commitment to education and the success of your child. I look forward to seeing you when you stop in the office, or when attending upcoming school events.Welcome Current 5th Grade Families, soon to be 6 th grade families at Wagner Middle School. For those of you who missed the "Meet and Greet Day"- Wagner's New Student Orientation, here are a few important items for you.

My DynaCal You can now create your own personalized calendar for Norton City Schools’ events. With this personalized calendar you can get alerts for changes to the calendar and changes in events.

Mission Statement. Stevenson Middle School is a place of meaningful relationships and mutual respect where every student experiences growth and takes responsibility for .

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You seem to have a lot of opinions on Waldorf education. What are your experiences with Waldorf Education? Over the years I have had many experiences with Waldorf education, from sharing a house with a Waldorf teacher and her 9 year old daughter, to student teaching in a Waldorf school.

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends, My name is Melissa Valdez and I am honored to be your principal. I’ve enjoyed meeting with many of you and am looking forward to building relationships and partnerships to ensure positive and fun educational experiences to your (our) children.

Swimming Upstream in the Classroom. Teacher guides for Swimming Upstream: Middle School Poems. Companion Guide Discussion Guide.

Listen to a few the sixty-five poems that tell the story of a girl's first year of middle school.

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