Msc biotechnology thesis

Topics in medical Imaging Students wishing to substitute any other courses for those on this list of electives must have prior approval from their Academic Advising Committee and the graduate program director in biology. Each student prepares a written report on his or her research work and must also take an oral examination, which will not necessarily be limited to the topic of the report. The student must submit an outline of the report to his or her advising committee before taking the oral examination.

Msc biotechnology thesis

Biometrics for Agricultural Sciences Review of descriptive statistics and basic inference. Overview of sampling concepts: The concept of power and sample size determination. Principles of experimental design: Principles of survey and questionnaire design. Advanced Plant Physiology and Metabolism Structure and function of plant cell.

Lipid and protein metabolism.

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Transpiration and implications in crop production. Stress physiology drought, heat, flooding, salinity, acidity. Plant development and regulation. Secondary metabolites their nature, structure and function in key East African crops. Research methods in plant physiology for crop productivity.

Use of transgenic plants and metabolic engineering to analyse plant metabolism. Techniques in modern crop physiology. CROP pest Management Overview of weed science and management; Weed management and crop quality and environmental implications; Invasive weed species, origin, spread and their management; Climatic change and weed species dynamics; Biotechnology issues in weed science genetically modified organisms GMOs, resistance, genetic pollutionWeed-crop interference, competition and allelopathy, Research methods.

Economic importance and losses caused by plant diseases and insect pests. Disease causal pathogens and other agents; isolation and identification techniques; symptoms and effects on plants and produce; disease epidemiology.

Principles of disease management. Insect classification and identification; crop pests and their management. Environmental considerations in crop protection. Seed biology, morphology, anatomy, physiology, seed dormancy, Crop seed environment: Above and below ground management of controllable and natural factors in seed production.

Husbandry and harvesting of seed crops.

Msc biotechnology thesis

Processing practices, harvesting, cleaning, drying, conditioning, storage and seed testing protocols. Variety development and release.

Formal and informal seed production and delivery systems. Seed health and quality standards. Seed packaging, labelling and marketing. Legislative control of seed industry including registration, inspection and certification. Role of private and public agencies in seed industry.

Plant breeders rights and intellectual property rights and benefit sharing.The Master of Liberal Arts, Biotechnology degree field consists of 12 courses, four of which are required on campus.

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You choose a thesis or capstone track. The degree is only for students with an undergraduate degree in a science field (physical, life, or computer science), at least one year of. Erasmus Internship and MSc Thesis (MSc Materials Science & Technology at Technische Universität Berlin.

Erasmus Internship and MSc Thesis (for the MSc Materials Science & Technology NTUA) at Technische Universität Berlin *MSc thesis in Cancer Immunology *MSc in Molecular Biomedicine *BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. MSc thesis in.

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The Biology MSc in Industrial Biotechnology. Students conduct a research project in the lab of a supervisor to produce a research thesis. An MSc by Research thesis will be narrower in scope than an MPhil thesis, although it should still contain some original work.

Home › Academics › College of Science and Mathematics › Biology Department › Graduate Programs › Biotechnology, MS. Biotechnology, MS. Degree Requirements Thirty credits are required for the master of science degree in biotechnology and biomedical science.

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