Concept of economic base and superstructure sociology essay

This is one of the most important aspects of Marxist theory for literary and cultural studies, especially as it relates to the theory of ideology and the role of art in the production of ideology. Marxism aspires to bring about a classless society which is anchored in the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. It is in loggerheads with the notion of capitalism, which views the pursuit of individual self-interest as a vehicle for the economic and social benefits to the whole of society. The simplest Marxist model of society sees it as constituted by a base and a superstructure.

Concept of economic base and superstructure sociology essay

His philosophy has been called historical materialism and dialectical materialism.

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The former conveys the idea that history is dictated by actual material events: This system of two forces working with or against each other is called a dialectic. Dialectics goes back to Aristotle and Marx was a philosopher of history essentially. Dialectics goes back to Aristotle and the ancient Greeks as a factor in philosophy.

The proletariat and the bourgeoisie, or the workers and the owning class, are at odds with each other but under a capitalist system, they work together according to Marx, to the dismay of the proletariat. Likewise, Marx applies the dialectic to describe the mechanism of life in two structures: The infrastructure is made up of the forces, the means, and the relations of production: The infrastructure comprises 1 Forces: Of course, there are potential clashes between workers and owners, but it is ultimately through the forces of production that real change occurs.

The superstructure arises from the infrastructure. The superstructure can loosely be defined as culture. It is dialectic but cyclical in a way. The infrastructure material things and interactions of life produce a culture laws, politics, art, etc. For change or a revolution to occursomething must change in the infrastructure - it would then affect the superstructure, which would then effectively change the infrastructure.1.

The base is the whole of productive relationships, not only a given economic element, e.g. The working class 2.

Concept of economic base and superstructure sociology essay

Historically, the superstructure varies and develops unevenly in society's different activities; for example, art, politics, economics, etc. Analysis of the Main Strengths and Weaknesses of Marx’s Sociological Thought “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” Marx and Engels (, p).

Essay on Social Structure. the overarching economic substructure (or base) which for the most part determined the social superstructure comprised of the various institutions of society.

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In turn, the hard” interpretation of Marxist thought came to identify the processes of dialectical and historical materialism as forging social structures. Ch. 1) Ideology and economics in class society: Base and superstructure. May 29, 0. One of the many profound contributions that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels made to the cause of socialist revolution was their analysis of the relationship between the economy and other aspects of society, like politics and culture.

Marxists use. “The building-like metaphor of base and superstructure is used by Marx and Engels to propound the idea that the economic structure of society (the base) conditions the existence and forms of the state and social consciousness (the superstructure).

Essay on Social Structure The term social structure denotes a more or less enduring pattern of social arrangements within a particular society, group, or social organization. Nonetheless, despite its widespread usage, there is no single agreed concept of social structure that exists in sociology or related disciplines. BASE AND SUPERSTRUCTURE IN MARXISM By Lisbern Shawn Fernandes, EG, EGC - Literary Criticism The theory of base and superstructure by Karl Marx has wide range applications and its presence is palpable in the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Art and Psychology. Published: Mon, 5 Dec In Marxist theory of history, existence of human life depends upon economic activity. This activity is determined by the combination of superstructure and substructure/base.

Sociology of Culture: Base and Superstructure In the journal "Analytical Marxism," the author contends that the total sum of production relations in a given society is said to constitute economic .

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