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No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims In most medical negligence cases you can claim for free and keep all of your compensation and pay nothing if you win or lose. Not Sure What To Do? Simply call us or complete the quick enquiry on the right and let us explain your legal rights and your options at no cost to you and no obligation. Medical Negligence Claim Case Studies 1stClaims solicitors are experts in medical negligence claims now called clinical negligence.

Case studies medical negligence claims

She suffered a psychiatric reaction following diagnosis that was exacerbated due to the transmission of the virus to her daughter that could Case studies medical negligence claims been avoided. His GP provided a repeat prescription of his usual medication which he then took to his local pharmacy to be dispensed.

Soon after he began to take the medication provided he noticed that he was experiencing unusual symptoms which commenced with anxiety. As time went on he suffered from periods of depression, and on occasion slurred speech. His skin became itchy and this would not respond to topical creams.

Excessive itching led his skin to become sore and to bleed. He developed a severe thirst, loss of balance and twitches. Concerned with his deteriorating condition he sought advice from his GP.

The GP considered his symptoms may have been due to sleep deprivation and he was prescribed a drug to help control his anxiety attacks.

During the period following DP became more anxious and withdrawn from society and was ultimately reviewed by the Community Psychiatric Nurse who asked him to show her the medication he was taking.

She immediately noticed that DP had been given mg of Lithium Carbonate rather than his correct mediation and advised that he go immediately to hospital. On admission tests showed toxic levels of Lithium in his system. Intravenous fluids were commenced and a hospital stay reduced his levels to a safe range before discharge.

Compensation was awarded in respect of pain and suffering and consequential expenses. She had broken her hip following a fall at home for which she underwent successful surgery. MW was subsequently transferred to another hospital for rehabilitation where she suffered a fall.

However, it was subsequently discovered that she had in fact suffered a spinal cord fracture in the second fall, that had been missed. She developed aspiration pneumonia whilst in hospital and sadly passed away, having never recovered from the injury.

She was under the care of the local community Mental Health Trust before the birth of her first child. Following discharge and the birth of the baby she was seen by the GP who noted that there was likely to be a significant mental health problem.

The police and the health visitor were involved as well as a community psychiatric nurse. Sadly, there was a failure to review and meet her, and therefore to provide her with any appropriate support before she took her own life.

The matter was referred to the Coroner, and we represented the family at the inquest where there was a finding that her death was contributed to by neglect. Although liability was contested throughout, compensation was obtained within Court proceedings for the loss of a mother and wife.

He pursued a claim on the basis that the appropriate guidelines had not been adhered to, his medical history was such that the surgery should not have been carried out and that there was a failure to inform him fully of the risks involved.

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TL was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent a radical prostatectomy. Sadly afterwards his PSA levels continued to rise and as such he was recommended to undergo a 6 week course of radiotherapy.

Case studies medical negligence claims

This successfully treated the prostate cancer and put TL in remission. However, sometime after the radiotherapy finished TL started to experience bowel incontinence and frequency. He reported this to his doctors. However, no treatment was offered and his condition worsened.

Case studies medical negligence claims

Due to profound embarrassment and depression, consequent to his bowel incontinence, TL opted to medically retire from his job. Eventually some treatment was offered that was ineffectual.

It took almost 4 years and the commencement of this claim to lead to eventual referral to a specialist in London who diagnosed TL as suffering from bowel toxicity as a consequence of radiotherapy. This was treated with antibiotics and has resolved his symptoms in full. TL was compensated for his pain and suffering, psychiatric injury and loss of earnings.

He was rendered paraplegic following complex spinal surgery that was sadly unsuccessful and was confined to a wheelchair.

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However, after years of rehabilitation GB had managed to build up his strength such that he could mobilise a short distance using a pulpit stand, he could assist with transfers and he had some degree of independence as a result.

GB had a suprapubic catheter fitted in the hope of improving his comfort. However, when it needed to be changed there was difficulty inserting it.

GB was discharged home straight after insertion without any monitoring or check-ups. At home he developed severe vomiting and rigor.Case Studies – Recent Cases - Medical Negligence Medical negligence cases address very sensitive and complex issues.

Most clients want a full investigation of events, answers to their many questions and an explanation of why things happened as they did.

Compensation claims Medical negligence Compensation claims, Medical negligence May 31 Jeanette Whyman My most notable medical negligence cases The NHS is facing an existential crisis. The negotiations over junior doctors’ pay and conditions and widespread dissatisfaction among GPs, combined with a £bn overspend by NHS Trusts.

Medical Negligence Claims Overview. Accident & Emergency Claims. Amputee & Limb Loss Claims. Anaesthetic Claims. Birth Injury Claims.

Cancer Claims. GP Claims. The selection of case studies below, demonstrate this expertise and shows how we've helped victims of Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury in past cases.

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Examples of Medical Negligence What does it mean for a doctor to be negligent? Here are a few examples of treatment by a medical professional that could potentially give . Case studies. Read case studies and compensation examples from some of our satisfied customers All RTA Accident at Work Slip, Trip or Fall Personal Injury Medical Negligence.

Medical Negligence Justin received £15, Broken wrist. Justin was medically misdiagnosed when he was told he didn't have a broken wrist. Regulated by The. Here are some case examples of medical malpractice caused by negligence, recklessness and other nonprofessional r-bridal.comr: John Morgan.

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