Argumentative essay on credit cards

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Argumentative essay on credit cards

Besides, credit cards are easy to apply for. The little plastic thing would not cause serious social issues if a complete system is built. However, I do not agree with this kind of paying tool. I will never refer to the policy which allows students to have their own credit cards.

Argumentative essay on credit cards

It does not sound very easy because you must have a job before you apply for it; however, according to the survey made by the Ministry of Finance, R. C, only less than half of parents knew that their children have a credit card or even more than just one; what is more, the credit line fifty thousand NT dollars which offered by banks at present is more higher than the constitutional twenty thousand NT dollars.

The situation is getting out of control; most of students cannot Argumentative essay on credit cards the money back. I think it is going to provoke some social problems as they hold liabilities before they graduate form school. Another reason for people to abandon the credit card is that people may not be able to pay back the money which they borrow form banks stably.

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Before applying for a credit card, people would set a line or to limit a budget for themselves, so it might be safe to pay in this way; however, in fact, things never come out so perfect as we think. Since some unanticipated situations take place, paying things by credit cards is totally a different circumstance from paying by cash.

Try to image that, there is something at a shop you want to buy which is cash only, and it will cost you six thousand NT dollars. The hesitation must be much stronger than paying by a credit card, because if you choose to pay by cards, it requires only to sign your name on the bill without seeing the cash fly away from your wallet.

You may ask what if there is something necessary to buy but you do not have enough money on hand to pay the bill; for instance, you really need the air conditioner or furniture?

People normally do not pay those things by cash, yet here is a better solution to solve the difficulty—pay by installments. Of course, it is not the installments with credit cards, because it only burdens your load circularly.

The objection to the prevalence of the plastic card is crucial, because the more prevalence the plastic money is, the deeper people will get involve in it. Those who choose to own the credit card often intents to build up a good credit, train themselves to control spending, or form a good spending habit; nevertheless, the feedback happens only after you have regulated yourself successfully while using the plastic money, which means without getting caught by the sky high interest rate.

Argumentative essay on credit cards

In actual reality, some car holders keep accumulating their debts instead of cutting back their spending as their beginning idea. Take my twenty-five year old sister and my brother, who is thirty years old now for example. They think that they are mature enough to make good use of the plastic card, and things would not go wrong if they employ it cautiously, yet both of them are being chased by bills every month afterwards; however, in spite of suffer form the breathless ordeal, they still cannot quit it.

When do these people take a breath? Life can be loathsome and despairing if we always encumber with debts. It has been a popular issue recently, whether we should hold a credit card on our hand or not since the bank has increased the interest rate higher and higher.

I think there are more disadvantages than advantages in it; therefore, the abolishment for the credit card is necessary.Persuasive Essay on Credit Cards Persuasive Essay on Credit Cards and Smash Cards For the past decade, Europe has been the world’s number one maker of smart cards, the pocket plastic with an embedded chip that stores reams of financial and other information.

The Negative Impact on College Students with Credit Cards - The Negative Impact on College Students with Credit Cards To have credit card debt as a adult with a stable job is one thing but to be a struggling college student with it is another.

Writing an argumentative essay introduction; Descriptive paper outline tips; Credit cards can help users increase or decrease their credit rating.

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Individuals who cannot control their spending end up with huge credit cards debts and poor credit ratings. Many people fear paying using credit cards because of fraud.

Argumentative Essay On Credit Cards. American Credit Card Usage When we don’t have money we go to credit cards for purchasing products that we need or want. We use credit cards as a way to make purchases instead of using cash.

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Argumentative Essay Examples. Argumentative essays have four major parts that need to be addressed when forming a compelling argument. With your essay you’re going to want to convince your readers that your stance is the best possible side to be on.

Argumentative Essay On Credit Cards. American Credit Card Usage When we don’t have money we go to credit cards for purchasing products that we need or want.

We use credit cards as a way to make purchases instead of using cash.

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